ChannelBound provides a complete stack of IT, marketing, sales, and business solutions to drive results throughout your business development cycle.

Inbound Marketing+. Have the right content in the right place at the right time. Build a relationship with your target audience to gain mind share, increase qualified leads, and turn prospects into loyal customers.

  • Outbound Marketing. You’ve built great content, placing your presence in key outbound channels to complement your inbound campaign can drive further results.
    Content Development. Ensure your presence, message, and position in the marketplace stand out.
  • Sales Integration. Your Marketing has produced a qualified lead, ensure you have the right processes, messaging, and competitive intelligence to CLOSE.
  • Analytics.  Our analytics driven approach aimed to drive increased revenue – not just leads, web hits, number of followers, but real revenue.  We ensure that you have the right platform and processes to deliver true results.

It Solutions. Make sure you have the technology stack and processes to automate and accelerate your entire business development flow.  Our team of IT specialists has the experience to deliver enterprise class solutions.

10/22/2014 – ChannelBound partners with Hubspot, the Inbound Marketing world’s gold standard, to deliver market success. Hubspot recently enjoyed a successful IPO on the NYSE, which valued the company close to $1B. Read more about it here “Why Hubspot’s IPO was more than just an IPO”.


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ChannelBound specializes in Business Solutions that help B2B companies like yours generate qualified leads and turn prospects into loyal customers.

We help you generate leads utilizing the most effective marketing channels for your business based upon where your customers are. But that’s not where the story ends. We’re more than just an inbound marketing agency. Our goal is to be your true business partner and drives sales through-out the entire business development cycle.   We help you convert leads into loyal customers by providing all the needed sales support and business processes to ensure success.

The combination of sales, marketing, business, and technology expertise is what makes us unique.

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