Affordable Care Act Solutions

Our ACA Prime solution helped over 400 companies complete their ACA Reporting for 2015.

Tracking:  Turn-Key Tracking Solution for you and your clients

  • Provide a Robust Tracking solution for Variable and Full Time Employee Tracking
  • Compliance Work Flow Management
  • Configurable to meet the needs of any employer
  • Easy to Integrate:  Two primary touch-points:  Payroll & Employee Data
  • Setup Alerts and Reports
  • Customizable
  • Scalable Technology Stack:  Works for SMB & Enterprise customers as it is built on Oracle® Based Technologies
  • White Label / Provide a Seamless Experience to your Customer Base
  • Great Customer Support and Ease of Use

Visit our ACAPrime site to learn more about: ACA COMPLIANCE

Reporting: Complete ACA Solution for Data to Forms and Filing

  • Messy or Hard to Get Data – Ask us how we can help.  We are systems integration specialists and can work with you to to make sure you get the ACA reporting done correctly, compliantly, and in a timely manner
  • 1094-C Production & Auto-Populate
  • 1095-C Production & Auto-Populate
  • 1094-B Production & Auto-Populate
  • 1095-B Production & Auto-Populate
  • Voids and Corrections Handling
  • Electronic Filing Readiness
  • Integrates Seamlessly with other third party ACA Reporting and e-Filing Systems

ERISA Compliance Solutions

No employer established its benefit plans with the intention of increasing administration or spending money without an expected return on investment – they did it to attract and retain talent in a competitive workplace.  Increasing government regulation diverts attention from your “core” business…activities that generate commissions or revenues.  Compliance is difficult to navigate and without a rudder, you may end up off course or even in a squall with a contentious employee…or worse, an IRS or DOL audit.   Outsourcing to employee benefit experts, who command the details of compliance and automate it with leading-edge technology, is the perfect solution.   Get back to sales and service, and rely on us to cover you for compliance functions with a perfect, affordable solution.

Form 5500 Preparation

Utilize our systematic method of Form 5500 preparation that ensures forms are filed timely, accurately and inexpensively.  Neither an Actuary nor an Accountant is required to prepare these informational welfare plan returns, however there is a clear advantage to having an expert benefit consultant who knows the right questions to ask. 
With new electronic filings now required by the DOL, we offer an efficient and accurate way to transmit returns.  Outsourcing the collection of Schedule A’s, Form completion and electronic reviews, on behalf of clients, eliminates errors, delays and inefficient use of staff time.  For brokers, advisors, TPA and accounting firms, we create an annual calendar of filing due dates and coordinate with the entire Account Management team to ensure perfect execution.

Plan Documentation & “Wrap” Documents

The best way to minimize risk and control plan interpretation and intent is to document your plans – no mention of the ability to consolidate 5500 returns into a single filing.  Memorializing a plan’s insurance policies into a legal document gives you that confidence.  A wrap document empowers an employer to make changes that supersede their insurance policy and grants them strong discretionary powers.   Our partnership with an esteemed ERISA law firm enables us to provide document services at a fair fare.

Benefit Compliance Consulting

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Section 105(h) Nondiscrimination Testing

The IRC Section 105(h) applies to health coverage (historically self-funded plans only) and enforcement was rare.  That’s all changed and PPACA will likely require fully insured, non-grandfathered, plans to test as well, and enforcement is clearly on the rise with tax revenue in high demand.  Satisfy all three tests (Benefits,Eligibilty & Operation) including all % tests required.  And the deliverable is a comprehensive report with suggested remedial actions.

General  Consulting

It’s not all pedestrian in the world of government regulation nor with particular employer situations, so we stand ready to listen to your situation and explore solutions, or at least find a safe harbor.



If you were asked, “Is your retirement plan successful”, how would you answer?  How would you know? As a Plan Sponsor and fiduciary, its never been more important to know whether your retirement plan is facing leeward or windward in the storm of economic instability, market volatility and dwindling staff support.   Our Retirement Plan Advisors has crafted a comprehensive and easy-to- understand evaluation tool to help you navigate.  A quick 7-point appraisal yeilds a “score”, much like a credit score, that confirms whether your compass points North or South.  Traversing the territory of fees, performance, fiduciary compliance, asset allocation, investment menu, employee education and engagement is simplified. The mission is simple and it offers clear direction for what, if any, mid-course correction is needed to buoy the plan and put it back on course for success.


At inception, our business was pure retirement plan accounting.  Daily valuation changed much of the administration service market, but just as maps are still relevant despite the explosion of satellite navigation, so too is the need for simplified plan recordkeeping among small employers.  This niche service consists of basic recordkeeping services with year-end compliance & reporting.

It’s a unique and perfect solution for small plans with individual brokerage accounts where budgets are a big concern, but experience is critical. We reconcile investments, summarize participant accounts and determine plan level totals and reports so Form 5500 compliance is plain sailing. No plan is too small and you’ll appreciate the simplicity of our approach .